What do we value?

Keweenaw Philosophical Practice Code of Ethics:

We adhere to the American Philosophical Practitioners Association Code of Ethics. The entire Code of Ethics is available at www.appa.edu.

The Fundamental Canons of the APPA Code of Ethics are:

i. Philosophical practitioners will, above all, endeavor to do no harm.

ii. Philosophical practitioners will render their services for the benefit of their clients.

iii. Philosophical practitioners will refer clients for appropriate alternative care if the clients’ problems are adjudged to be not primarily philosophical in origin, or not amenable to philosophical approaches.

iv. Philosophical practitioners will respect the dignity and autonomy of their clients, and will respect their confidentiality and protect their anonymity to the extent required by law.

v. Philosophical practitioners will conduct their consultations and deliberations with reputability and integrity, and will refrain from behaviors, practices and conflicts of interest that would bring the profession into disrepute.

vi. Philosophical practitioners will, beyond attending to the needs of their clients, endeavor to serve the greater good of the community and society in which they reside.


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